Kimunye Town, Kutus - Kimunye Road P.O Box 46 Kerugoya, 10300
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Reconnect with nature

A beautiful country home with dozens of opportunities to reconnect just 2.5 hours from Nairobi.

Come relax at the foothills of Kenya’s greatest peaks and enjoy beautiful surroundings with family and friends. Discover natures luxury package full of waterfalls, streams, nature trails, breath taking views and more.

There are many natural occurring springs, waterfalls and beautiful sites to behold in the area. One can also enjoy the taste of small town life in the small Kimunye town located 2 minutes away.


Have fun and reconnect
Country Drives

The area is well served with a sufficient network of all-weather tarmac and murram roads allowing ease of access to the numerous beautiful destinations in the area.

Picnics and Barbeques

This is the place to have a relaxing afternoon of fun and relaxation with the girls, boys or group members that you are travelling with.


Group hikes can be organised upon request with numerous route suggestion including a walk through the forest that marks the ascend of Mt. Kenya.


For those seeking solace and centred silence to find peace this vast estate offers several spaces to have a wholesome time.